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Weekly Wrap-up: Autumn’s Arrival

We had a very busy and highly anticipated weekend. On Friday we only put in a half day of school. We then spent the rest of the time cleaning...well the kids cleaned. I worked in the kitchen making cake and... Continue Reading →

Birthday Boy

Today Littlest is four years old. We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with family. He also participated in Children's Sabbath at church where he played the handbells. He spent his time jumping instead of singing during choir. I am... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Birthday and Art with Friends

Middle Boy turned seven last week. His birthday arrived too quickly...he's more little boy than baby now. He may be a big boy now but he still wanted his birthday cake to look like his lovey, Mr. Lion. After painting... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up #7 Double Birthday Week

We enjoyed a short three-day school week followed by two full days of "field trips". Both Oldest and Sparkles had birthday's this week so my husband took a couple of days off work and we went to the St Louis... Continue Reading →

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