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Sunday Journal: Adventures in Travel

The last couple of weeks were busy. We traveled to western Kentucky last weekend for the kid's Hymn Fest piano recital. We visited with friends and some family members during our stay. Visiting our former church was a highlight for... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Interrupted with Laughter, Agony and Gifts

Last week I was all excited over our first official week of the school year...God laughed at my well thought out plans. Just a couple of years ago I would have stressed out to the point of tears and rage... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Exhausted Homeschool

We are tired homeschoolers, an exhausted family this week. The past five evenings Oldest (and sometimes the rest of us) has had to be somewhere other than home. Throw in the time change and a weekend of playing hard outside... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Convention Survival Tips and Favorites

I've been promising this post about my first trip to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention for a long while. Sometimes life just gets a little too crazy...Anyway, here are my survival tips for a homeschool convention, sessions I enjoyed and my favorite booths. Survival... Continue Reading →

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