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downtown Frankfort

8th Birthday, Halloween and a Walk Downtown

Last Sunday was Littlest's eighth birthday. He asked for a Batman Beyond Lego cake design. I think my husband produced a beautifully designed cake that you can see in the pictures below. We gave him a Plains style Native American... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Rough

Some weeks just do not turn out as expected. Monday I overslept. That really isn't a catastrophe since we homeschool and I do not have a clock-in time. Despite the late start the kids completed their school work and we... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Friendships and Downtown Traditions

The first week of November flew by in a whirlwind of activity. We spent a couple of afternoons in downtown Frankfort enjoying the local Candlelight Tradition, the town's kickoff of the Holiday Season. I must admit I had a hard... Continue Reading →

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