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Ellie Marrandette

Wibbly Wobbly: Just Plodding Along

I think it might be easier to understand theoretical particle physics than to lose weight. I'm not giving up but simply acknowledging this process is going to take a wee bit longer to see measurable progress. I was down about hitting this... Continue Reading →

Wibbly-Wobbly: Weigh In

January has come and gone and I weigh three ponds less...not the five I wanted. I'm a little disappointed but not upset. I began and ended the month with a cold so I wasn't always feeling motivated. All of my... Continue Reading →

2014 in Review and Upcoming Posts

I thought this review from WordPress was kinda neat so I am sharing the link. My most read posts are about Beautiful Feet Books curriculum and Christian Light Education Curriculum. I am working on a review of Beautiful Feet's Geography... Continue Reading →


This week's chapter is titled "What in the World Does That Mean in Dog Years?" I had to chuckle a bit through this chapter because I completely related. So many times (not recently) I have watched doctors or nutritionists on one of... Continue Reading →

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