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Last Week of 9th Grade

Sunday Today was such a long day. My husband was back from his long trip to California and I just wanted to be home with him. My work day usually goes by so quickly but not so this day. Shannon... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Just Another Week in Paradise

I just drank a pina-colada the size of a rainstorm so this might be a bit rambly. You've been warned. Well, the drink was mostly pineapple juice. Vitamin C for the day (or possibly the week)--all taken cake of. I indulged... Continue Reading →

Journal: A Do-over Would Be Nice

There really isn't much to say about this could really do with a "do-over". The hardest news was learning that our daughter would have to undergo a scope for a diagnosis. Unless her tests threw off some false positives... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: The End of an Age

Sadly, all things must end and so has our current study of medieval times. We spent the last five weeks reading The World of Columbus and Sons from Genevieve Foster; the final required book in the study. The guide is set up to go... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: What Happened to May?

I lost an entire week. Not only did I manage to misplace the time but didn't even notice the discrepancy until Friday...thought Friday was Thursday too... I think homeschooling has absconded with my mind. Or maybe the kids. The weather was abysmal... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Low Ebb and Dreams

Nearly all of my free time this week was spent in pre-planning. I have a freewrite list of ideas for this summer and our upcoming year. A hopeful list of wishes full of mommy-school pipe dreams. Every year I have... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Momentarily Astray

Some weeks are great and everything goes as planned. But not this week. I cannot say that it was a terrible week but time and plans ended up in disarray. The first couple of days were fine. The kids got... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Plans, Poets and Dreams

We are approaching the final run of our academic year. Our pile of books we've plowed through is dwindling. The finish line is in view. The convention is fast approaching and so it is time for me to plan our... Continue Reading →

Rave: Brave Writer Online

Rave means an extremely enthusiastic recommendation or appraisal of someone or something. Other words for rave include very enthusiastic, highly favorable, rapturous, glowing and ecstatic. I'm writing to rave about our recent online class from Brave Writer and our compassionate and insightful... Continue Reading →

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