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The Late Christmas Visit

Last weekend we went to see family since we missed Christmas with them. We all met at Majestic's for lunch and then hung out together at a relative's home. The kid's opened Christmas gifts and played with their cousins. I... Continue Reading →

Cindy-Clause is Coming to Town

Last weekend the kids enjoyed their much anticipated over-night fun with Aunt Cindy. She spends the night with them while Shannon and I attend the Jim Beam Christmas Party. Like the years before the party was at Belterra Casino in... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: A Change in Season

Normally life dances along at a snail's pace around here. Our days move along nearly ritualistically and as loudly and fully as you can imagine with four growing children. My days are good, really good. This week my quietly paced life... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Candy Night, Creek Walks and the Resume

Monday night the younger three dressed up and went trick-or-treating with their Dad through the neighborhood. The evening was unusually warm so Oldest and I sat outside and passed out candy to the two dozen or so kiddos that came... Continue Reading →

Prayer Beads and Bending Time

I recently got to visit with my friend in Tennessee. She moved around the same time as we did last year. We still text and read each other's blogs but that sort of communication just isn't the same as real... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Waiting, Inspiration and Something Beautiful

I'm not really sure how to describe this past week. In some ways the days were really good and other moments were not so pleasant. The tougher moments this week involved observing Sparkles trying to come to terms with her... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Friendships and Downtown Traditions

The first week of November flew by in a whirlwind of activity. We spent a couple of afternoons in downtown Frankfort enjoying the local Candlelight Tradition, the town's kickoff of the Holiday Season. I must admit I had a hard... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: In Between

I am so very glad the moving away part of this adventure is now in the past. The week was hard for me...for all of us. Sparkles cried nearly every day. Several times Littlest was curled up on the floor... Continue Reading →

Our First Weekly Wrap-up

I love reading weekly wrap-ups on other blogs! So I thought I'd join in this year on the fun! We had an amazing week and later today we will be going to a family get together to honor my husband's... Continue Reading →

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