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Sunday Journal: First Full Week Back

Our first week of the academic year is now history. Even though I would not call it catastrophic in any sense of the word...the days certainly had their moments. I also just didn't get my walks in this week and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: The Rest of July

I have not been in the mood to write the past few weeks. On here anyway. The writing process happens in my head all the time. Sometimes I edit my own thoughts in order to articulate properly to myself...maybe you didn't... Continue Reading →

Reflective Moments on Compassion: The Brave Writer Retreat

  Ruckkehrunruhe. n. the feeling of returning home after an immersive trip only to find it fading rapidly from your awareness—to the extent you have to keep reminding yourself that it happened at all, even though it felt so vivid... Continue Reading →

Journal: A Do-over Would Be Nice

There really isn't much to say about this could really do with a "do-over". The hardest news was learning that our daughter would have to undergo a scope for a diagnosis. Unless her tests threw off some false positives... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: The Week Summer Plans Changed

We greeted June in the emergency room. Emergency comes from the Latin meaning "to arise" or "bring to light". The symbolic beauty of the word's origin is obscured today. The word seems ugly to me and does not flow well off the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Curtains and Car Cruise-in

We've been looking forward to this week for a few months. Co-op ended. I think the middle two did enjoy co-op somewhat but not enough to feel sad at its ending. I will miss my friend who labored in the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Spring’s Return, Retreats and Boots

The past week was rather lazy for us. Productive but lazy. I slept in every single day. We started school about an hour later than usual each day and even indulged in our read aloud time a bit longer too.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Hint of Spring

Our week was pleasant, filled with sunny days and rain. We took nearly every possible opportunity to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and watch the grass turn a bit greener. We noticed the arrival of the robins and daffodils.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Lovely Week

We kept busy with our schooling this week. The kids finished the online class through Brave Writer. I was so pleased that I posted their stories. The kids are fairly proud of their work too. They enjoyed their time at co-op... Continue Reading →

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