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Buckling in Slow Motion

Love only goes so far. I encountered that truth this week and was completely derailed emotionally. My husband (rightfully) decided our sweet Sparkles needs therapy. I didn't want to accept that and found a way to explain everything away with... Continue Reading →

Blessed Summer Days

Last night my sweetie and I went out together. He had some shopping to do and I just needed to get dishwasher detergent and salt water taffy. I forgot the detergent but did remember the ability to focus lately... Continue Reading →

Journal: The Drunken Pikachu and Blueberry Pie

I've reached the point in this year's home schooling adventure when I just want to shut the books and be done. Take a week or two off just to breathe a bit and slow down. I wish. We just have... Continue Reading →

Friday Journal: Rain Fell

Rain fell most of the day yesterday, the entirety of the night and today. Cold rain. The kind that makes you feel chilly despite a warm and snugly house robe, thick socks and several cups of hot coffee. I should... Continue Reading →

Temperature Blanket Project

One of my projects this year is knitting a temperature blanket. One row of stitch based on the high temperature each day. I only chose seven colors to represent the temperature range. I've already thought about adding another color for... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Assessments and Recovery

Two weeks have gone by since sitting down to write a weekly post. I managed to catch a rather nasty head cold just before the end of the year. Headaches every day, congestion, sinus infection, and feeling like my face... Continue Reading →

Christmas Journal

Last week went by in a blur. Other than Christmas Day the days were fairly even and mostly pleasant. On Monday I went to the Post Office to mail some packages and Christmas cards. The kids and I spent the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Winding Down and Gearing Up

Monday marked another year around the sun for me. The kids and I put in a few hours of school together. We read and worked on some Brave Writer projects. Oldest is writing an end of year letter, Sparkles is... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week and a Little Before

We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year. No traveling, no visiting.  My husband got up early to get the smoker going for the turkey and I started cooking. We watched Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the dog show afterward.... Continue Reading →

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