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Weekly Wrap-up: Lego Camp, VBS and Sleep Deprived

Last Friday we finished up all of the books in our American History studies from Beautiful Feet Books. The crew still needs to write up one last paper and we will be finished. I'll write up a final post on... Continue Reading →

Pocahontas and Jamestown with Beautiful Feet Books and Lego Jamestown

This past week we completed our studies and activities on Pocahontas and Jamestown. The Beautiful Feet Books (BFB) guide had us read Pocahontas by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire and Jamestown by James E. Knight. We enjoyed both books very much. We also watched... Continue Reading →

Venusian Volcanos and Lego Swords

Our science studies (Apologia's Astronomy) took us to Venus and Earth this past month. We also managed to combine some history and art into our science labs this time...always nice when projects and disciplines can be combined! Our first science project... Continue Reading →

Building History with Legos

I really did not want the Legos in the school room but we had no place to put them. The little plastic bricks were in this room before we transformed it into our school room and to my dismay there was... Continue Reading →

Lego Stonehenge

The past two weeks was our first time using Apologia for our science course. We were using another curriculum but it just wasn't in-depth enough for my little scholars. So I scrapped it and we switched to Apologia. My kids... Continue Reading →

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