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Weekly Wrap-up: Gratitude for the Routine

Our week was slightly less than ordinary. Nothing grand or spectacular. Our schooling schedule endured constant daily interruptions...but nothing unexpected. Little things like a trip to the store for needed groceries, an outing to the park and, a book we couldn't manage waiting any... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Mother’s Words

I’ve never reblogged before but his broke my heart and encouraged me at the same time. I love reading to my children and will likely read an extra story with them today. Personally, as I watched this I remembered cuddling with my grandma as she read Scripture to me and cried my heart out…

A Homeschool Mom

Yesterday morning, a discreet email came addressed to my inbox. A young gentleman who was homeschooled along with his four sisters has recently completed a short film called “What She Taught Me”.

I found his film encouraging and heartfelt. It was a subtle reminder of the importance of what we do.

To explore more of Shaun Lichti’s work, please visit his website HERE

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Christ of the Mountains

I grew up in two various military towns and in my grandparents home in the Appalachia foothills. We moved frequently from Washington to Louisiana and many places in-between.  I loved the mountains because everything remained as it was between stays.... Continue Reading →

Emotional Episodes

My beloved Bible Study group quit meeting last month after nearly five years. I wasn't ready for this group to end and kept hoping for an email or call that my friend had changed her mind and we would be meeting... Continue Reading →

Quiet and Broken

Hello my friends. I know it has been kinda quiet on here lately. I hope to be getting back to posting more than just reviews in a few days. My brother's care is consuming a bit of my time these... Continue Reading →

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