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Sunday Journal: Countdown Dances and Cancellations

We continue to suffer with illnesses this week. Middle Boy and Sparkles had a stomach bug earlier this week. Just as my sparkly girl got over that illness she succumbed to my chest cold. Oldest ended up with the chest cold too.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week Adventures

Since I was still suffering from my chest cold and this was Thanksgiving week very little schooling happened. We did work on some math and read in our History of Medicine text for science. This week we'll get back to... Continue Reading →

"There is also a deeper loss that’s harder to put a price on. If children are born with anything, it’s a sense of the invisible beauty and elegance of the world. They love seeing patterns, making connections, and solving problems.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Tea Party Revolt

This past week flew by in a rush of business. I had a hard time keeping up and even forgot to get my wrap-up written and posted on Thursday night. I am so looking forward to putting the busy summer... Continue Reading →

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