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Medieval Study: The End of an Age

Sadly, all things must end and so has our current study of medieval times. We spent the last five weeks reading The World of Columbus and Sons from Genevieve Foster; the final required book in the study. The guide is set up to go... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feet Books’ Intermediate Medieval History Weeks 12-18

Before I get into this section of the study I'd like to mention one little thing about the previous post. We had not yet read the Epilogue to Robing Hood when I wrote our report. During our move I had... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feet Books: Introducing the Intermediate Medieval Study

I'm so excited about this review series that I can hardly contain myself! If you read my blog (or know me in "real life") you already know how much I love Beautiful Feet Books! I tell everyone that the philosophy behind... Continue Reading →

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