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Sunday Journal: First Full Week Back

Our first week of the academic year is now history. Even though I would not call it catastrophic in any sense of the word...the days certainly had their moments. I also just didn't get my walks in this week and... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: The End of an Age

Sadly, all things must end and so has our current study of medieval times. We spent the last five weeks reading The World of Columbus and Sons from Genevieve Foster; the final required book in the study. The guide is set up to go... Continue Reading →

Review: The Dragon and the Raven

Recently, we enjoyed listening to The Dragon and the Raven from Heirloom Audio Productions. This audio recording is the story of King Alfred the Great and is an abridged version of George Alfred Henty's book of the same title. For this review... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: Minstrels, the Black Death and Chaucer

We've just wrapped up weeks nineteen through twenty-four of Beautiful Feet Books' Intermediate Medieval History covering from the 1290's to 1400 or so. The book selections for this session were some of our very favorite of the study so far.... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feet Books’ Intermediate Medieval History Weeks 12-18

Before I get into this section of the study I'd like to mention one little thing about the previous post. We had not yet read the Epilogue to Robing Hood when I wrote our report. During our move I had... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week Adventures

Since I was still suffering from my chest cold and this was Thanksgiving week very little schooling happened. We did work on some math and read in our History of Medicine text for science. This week we'll get back to... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: Eleanor to Robin Hood

By the title you can see that we haven't covered a long period in history. We hit a little snag in our husband was offered a wonderful job and we are in the process of moving. My homeschool schedule... Continue Reading →

Medieval Study: From Saint Augustine to Arabian Nights

We've completed our first six weeks of Beautiful Feet Books' Medieval History: A Literature Approach for Advanced Intermediate and Junior High.  Oldest loves history. It is his favorite subject to study. I think one of the reason's he loves it... Continue Reading →

Journal: Anxiety and Detachment

The past couple of weeks have been rough. Wrestling with anxiety is an exhausting task. I am ready for a quiet week of healing after two weeks of heart flutters, breathlessness, stress sores and nightmares. I've been so stressed this week that we... Continue Reading →

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