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Sunday Journal: Move-in Week

This past week feels like the longest week of my life. Not that the time has gone by slowly but that so much has happened it feels more like two weeks instead of just one. I've lost an entire season... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Pink Adventures and Wooden Spoons

Today hurt. Today was our last "official" Sunday with our church family. My Sunday School class gave me a lovely blue platter as a goodbye gift. Sparkles received a little cross pin from one of the sweet ladies that always... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Lego Camp, Plans and Treasure’s Past

Not much happened so there are not many pictures to share. Oldest took his turn at Extreme Lego we spent a bit of time (too much for me) on the road. I am glad summer camps are over for... Continue Reading →

Christ of the Mountains

I grew up in two various military towns and in my grandparents home in the Appalachia foothills. We moved frequently from Washington to Louisiana and many places in-between.  I loved the mountains because everything remained as it was between stays.... Continue Reading →

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