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Buckling in Slow Motion

Love only goes so far. I encountered that truth this week and was completely derailed emotionally. My husband (rightfully) decided our sweet Sparkles needs therapy. I didn't want to accept that and found a way to explain everything away with... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Pink Adventures and Wooden Spoons

Today hurt. Today was our last "official" Sunday with our church family. My Sunday School class gave me a lovely blue platter as a goodbye gift. Sparkles received a little cross pin from one of the sweet ladies that always... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Kiddie Pools and Smoke Bombs

  The humid sweltering heat of summer arrived this week. Going outdoors was something akin to strolling through molten waves of sun-kissed steam. Perfect southern summer weather. Most people are complaining about the heat but since I can still vividly remember... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: The Bittersweet Last

Motherhood is full of wonderful beautiful moments. Nothing compares to holding your child for the first time, the first tentative smile, first steps and words. Motherhood is a privileged witness to triumphant moments from the first precious moments of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Friending the Screw-up Fairy

So much has happened in the past two weeks I'm not sure exactly where to begin! Last week my husband left work early because of a kidney stone. I ended up taking him to the emergency room when it did... Continue Reading →

Not Exactly a Weekly Wrap-up: Turning Three and Halloween

Littlest turned three on Monday. In true three-year old fashion he had a one hour temper tantrum on his birthday. His antics were so amusing I took a picture to remember the moment by...Three is such a tough age. I'm... Continue Reading →

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