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Sunday Journal: Cracking Twelve

Last week only a hint of autumn was noticeable. A wee bit of yellow and orange peeked through the green trees. This week the brilliant and glorious fall colors are everywhere. This town is gorgeous right now. Other than a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Butterfly Funerals, Addictions and Hello Fluffies!!!

We opened a bunch of boxes this week...and still have a ton to go. I worked with the kids in their rooms on the days I could concentrate on unpacking. Their rooms are slowly coming together. Sparkles bed was broken... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Move-in Week

This past week feels like the longest week of my life. Not that the time has gone by slowly but that so much has happened it feels more like two weeks instead of just one. I've lost an entire season... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: In Between

I am so very glad the moving away part of this adventure is now in the past. The week was hard for me...for all of us. Sparkles cried nearly every day. Several times Littlest was curled up on the floor... Continue Reading →

Summer’s End

I wrote this a few of days ago with every intention to delete or seriously revise. I've decided to keep it. These moments are mine and I choose to own them. I couldn't sleep the night before the movers Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Pink Adventures and Wooden Spoons

Today hurt. Today was our last "official" Sunday with our church family. My Sunday School class gave me a lovely blue platter as a goodbye gift. Sparkles received a little cross pin from one of the sweet ladies that always... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Searching for Home

My husband worked hard this week finishing the deck remodel. I helped a couple of days this week laying the...umm...dunno what it is called. Ha! It was a roll of shingle like stuff for waterproofing and I did most of... Continue Reading →

Journal: Last Things and Sparkles Horrible Day

Sparkles bad day began last night. She was helping (in her own "head in the clouds" special way) carry old wood to the burn pile. We (my husband really...but marriage makes everything a "we") are removing the old worn out... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Strike That, Reverse It…

Remember last week when I said we were moving to northern Kentucky?! Well, never mind that. We're going to Frankfort now (our state capitol for those who do not know). I'm excited to move there and in all honesty ready... Continue Reading →

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