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Journal: The Week We Unschooled

I was completely nervous about this past week. Either this experiment was going to be incredibly awesome or one horrendous flop. We dropped all academics this week and dedicated ourselves to personal projects. Everyone chose something they wanted to work on... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: The Endless Week and Unknown Sorrows

"I had an accident." Littlest woke me early this morning with those tear-filled words. As I sat up to console him he thrusts his soiled pajama bottoms in my hands. I am now fully awake. Why do most surprises in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Exams and Bye-Bye Training Wheels

Last Friday my friends Mama Quilts and Mrs. Cuddle-me visited while our kids played outside. The day was really nice and we spent most of it outside while Oldest was out with Mrs. Cuddle-me and boys to see Macbeth. He enjoyed the... Continue Reading →

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