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Sunday Journal: Rough

Some weeks just do not turn out as expected. Monday I overslept. That really isn't a catastrophe since we homeschool and I do not have a clock-in time. Despite the late start the kids completed their school work and we... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Suicidal Possums and Lost Kisses

I didn't post last week so this is more like a bi-weekly wrap-up this time. Last Thursday night (when I usually write this) I watched the Daytona qualifiers with my husband. We haven't watched much racing the past couple of years but... Continue Reading →

Looking Back at 2013

I managed to actually accomplish a few of my goals for this past year...some I just had to let go as completely unrealistic. One of my goals was to help my open my home and family to him and provide... Continue Reading →

One Year Later

Exactly one year ago I received a phone call...a horrible cry for help from my brother. He was in the process of killing himself with alcohol...he actually died in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. I didn't realize it at the... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Being a hopeful person is heartbreaking sometimes...there are days I would prefer to hide "under my rock". One of my friends often tells me I live under a rock...mostly because I quit watching the news. She has even taken it... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note On My Brother

First of all I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have expressed concern for my brother, offered prayers on his behalf, for the cards and many calls. Your support and continued prayers are very appreciated.... Continue Reading →

What’s Up With My Brother

Several of you have left me notes asking about my brother. He is ok at the moment. I worry over him every day and call him several days a week. He is in the process of getting out of the military and... Continue Reading →

Saving A Suicide…My Soldier Brother

Friday night was one of the worst nights of my life. Late that night my brother called me. I knew he was drunk and I debated even answering his call. He is a soldier and has served our country since... Continue Reading →

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