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Sunday Journal: Just Another Week in Paradise

I just drank a pina-colada the size of a rainstorm so this might be a bit rambly. You've been warned. Well, the drink was mostly pineapple juice. Vitamin C for the day (or possibly the week)--all taken cake of. I indulged... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: First Full Week Back

Our first week of the academic year is now history. Even though I would not call it catastrophic in any sense of the word...the days certainly had their moments. I also just didn't get my walks in this week and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Break Week

We took a break from school this week while my mother was visiting for Sparkles' procedure. Tomorrow is our first official full day of school for the new year. All of the books and baskets are organized and ready for... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Doctors and the Computer Interface Misappropriation

Monday morning was horrible. Sometime during the night Microsoft stole Windows 7 and replaced it with Windows 10. WTF Bill Gates??? What a dreadful thing to do on a Monday! Well...any day of the week, really. I am not happy... Continue Reading →

Journal: A Wedding, Beatersville and Ember Days

I had the perfect school week planned out. Naturally, the days did not work out as expected. Sparkles came down with a nasty illness on Tuesday and still does not feel well this evening. Just as we thought she was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: What Happened to May?

I lost an entire week. Not only did I manage to misplace the time but didn't even notice the discrepancy until Friday...thought Friday was Thursday too... I think homeschooling has absconded with my mind. Or maybe the kids. The weather was abysmal... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Low Ebb and Dreams

Nearly all of my free time this week was spent in pre-planning. I have a freewrite list of ideas for this summer and our upcoming year. A hopeful list of wishes full of mommy-school pipe dreams. Every year I have... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Easter Weekend

Thursday afternoon we left for western Kentucky so the kids could participate in the Hymn Fest with their piano teacher. We returned home just a few hours ago. I'm tired. There is lightening and thunder outside. Just pictures for this... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Outdoor Cathedrals

Crazy...this week was on the crazy side. The first few days were fine. I wrote up two reviews for the TOS Review Crew which will post over the next couple of days. Our school time is flowing along nicely with... Continue Reading →

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