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Sunday Journal: A Roll Pin, a Ride and a Birthday

Sometimes this past week seemed really long yet the days flew by in a blur. Two occurrences made the days pass slowly. My husband had meetings most of the week that kept him from spending his lunch hour with us.... Continue Reading →

Radical Authenticity Challenge: Writer or Blogger

As you open up a New Post page this week, meditate on Shapiro’s words. What does authenticity mean to you? How do you feel right now, in this moment? When you identify how you feel, do you judge it? Is... Continue Reading →

Weekly Journal

Discombobulated would be the one word I'd use to describe this week. We spent Sunday relaxing from our weekend in western Kentucky. Monday started out pretty good. I spent part of the morning learning the purl stitch. At the moment... Continue Reading →

Sunday Journal: Thanksgiving Week Adventures

Since I was still suffering from my chest cold and this was Thanksgiving week very little schooling happened. We did work on some math and read in our History of Medicine text for science. This week we'll get back to... Continue Reading →

Re: Poetry Tea Passion

I have had a slew of questions over Poetry Tea Time the past couple of weeks! One friend even declared me to be "an inspiration." Well, that might be stretching the truth quite a bit too far. I'm no inspiration but I am... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up: Caterpillars in the Kidneys

  Last Thursday night my husband left for the 10th Annual Texas Frightmare Festival in Dallas, Texas. He had the opportunity to go with someone from work with an extra ticket. Though it isn't the sort of event he would... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap-up:

Thanks to Mrs. Melody my husband and I escaped the crew for a few hours and enjoyed an afternoon out by ourselves. We ate dinner and browsed a few shops. I also talked to my mother over the weekend and... Continue Reading →

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