Monday morning sky

Home Education:

The second week of the third term is finished. This week brought some unexpected changes to our routine. I’ve been exchanging emails with a local trade school to see if they would allow Oldest to begin courses with them. He wants to go into plumbing and one of the strengths of home education is to allow the child to craft their own future. I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to discern their true desires and then find a way to incorporate it into their education. I was expecting negotiations to take a while and that we would have to accommodate to their one year schedule. I was expecting a big fat no-way.

I was so incredibly wrong.

Oldest is starting right away (like tomorrow) and he will be able to take the courses alongside his high school work like a vocational program. He was sent home from the meeting with three

beginning his career

chapters to read. Oldest is the first home educated student accepted into the school and is basically the guinea pig. If it goes well, then perhaps, they will open their doors to future students. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. Freaked out that this is already happening and my little fella isn’t so little anymore?? Totally. If this goes as planned then he can start gaining work experience next year and graduate with his state license in plumbing. If he has enough work experience then he could possibly sit for his Journeyman license as well. He could be working and rather independent at eighteen. That thought is both awesome and equally nerve-wracking. He does plan to take some business classes too; so next week he will also take his first ACT exam to prepare for college. This will give us a freshman year score. Passing the ACT is the ticket to graduation out of my home school.

with their Adventure School teammates

The kids did get to go canoeing this week with their Adventure Group just before the weather turned cold. Sparkles was really nervous about the idea and stated catastrsizing. All I could tell her was that the only way to conquer her fear was to just get in the canoe and go out on the water. She did it and then completely freaked out…but she did it. Now, she thinks canoeing is fun and wants to go again sometime. Every time she has a victory like this is one step closer to…I’ve no idea. A sounder mind, maybe? Dealing with anxiety is a life long process. At least she gained a little more self-confidence.

The rest of the home education front is going well enough. Our read aloud books are biographies on Ernest Shackleton and Douglas MacArthur. Two extraordinary men. I always want to read more on the individuals after reading these Heroes of History biographies. They are good little books but seem to leave out the deeper struggles. We’re going to read Ben-Hur next. I doubt that we’ll be complaining about any lack of depth with that choice. We do not

Sparkles and Middle Boy

spend as much time reading books aloud as we used to. But, I guess that goes with the change in ages and educational needs. I’m going to get really picky with the books from now on.


I passed the fructans test this week. Yay! I can have onions and garlic. I did have some flavored vodka this week too. The flavored vodkas must be high in some kind of sugar or fructose. So, those are a no go. Which is kinda sad because some of them make really tasty mixed drinks. I won’t be conducting any low FODMAP experiments this week since my mom will be here for a couple of days. I’ll just keep to the foods I know are safe for me.

fun times at the library

I had two really bad mornings this week but that is much better than the four the previous week. Now that I am starting to understand the foods that bother me, I’ve decided to start working on the physical movement that is supposed to help. After researching more about the T-Tap exercises I bought one of the DVD’s. The company ended up sending me a few extra DVD’s too! I did only part of the first one yesterday before I had to quit and lie down a while. The exercises do not seem hard at first and should be fairly easy to learn. Applying the technique takes constant awareness to form and total muscle engagement. I am sore today. I’ll wait and start the four-day cycle later in the week after Mom’s visit.

Books and Study:

Currently I am reading The Journey of Crazy Horse by Joseph Marshall. I like this book because

Littlest with book and sleepy Boots

it is written by a Lakota and includes many oral stories passed down to him from his grandparents and other elders. He also explains Lakota traditions and religious beliefs. Crazy Horse is fascinating and this book shows him as both hero and human. I also love the anti-establishment stance of Crazy Horse. I can clearly see why he is rarely mentioned in our history books and why his story is not taught in the schools. If our young people looked up to someone like Crazy Horse instead of entertainers then we would not have a nation of sheep. My next book is Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee so I should be ready to join a revolution sometime soon.

kitchen helper

I’ve also got a joint study on the Book of Isaiah with my friend Camie coming up. She has chosen this study for us to complete together. I’m looking forward to it and think it will be a great topic with Christmas coming up. I will then choose the next study which will be on one of the Gospels.


Still not going to church. I’ve kept up with the issues coming to light in the Methodist Church and am just so sad. I am sure the church will split soon over the LGBT movement. Even if they do not officially split the people will be divided because all of this is coming up for discussion in their leadership. Some of the stuff coming out of the Catholic Youth Synod of Bishops this past week has made me feel so upset as well. The bishops are suddenly against home education?! They are also calling for language that is accepting of women in leadership, politically correct ideology and anti-life language. I think we live in the

sourdough pretzels

time of the apostate church. For centuries Christianity has stood against liberalism and modernism which is now a single atheistic secularism that has infiltrated education, communication, politics and law in Western culture. Anytime you hear the terms “political correctness”, “inclusivity” and “non-judgementalism” you are hearing the siren call of atheistic secularism. All of these forces work toward the disintegration of the family. Marriage and family is holy. The relationship between a man and woman is sacred and is the foundation of culture and stability at the individual and national level. If evil can dissolve the meaning and nature of marriage and family then evil wins. All that to say…I have no idea where to go to church. America is more churchianity than Christianity these days. My husband has suggested that we find a church that actually

glad to have the time to make homemade bread again

helps the poor with their own hands. At least we would be doing what Jesus said to do. We’ll see what we find. I’m getting a little preachy so I’ll just stop here.

Sparkles made us some cookies this afternoon. Oldest needs me to edit his Kentucky history paper and they all want me to quit typing and start cooking.

Have a great week y’all.