in pursuit of wild things

December 2020

We are starting to get settled into our new home ever so slowly. I love being here and this house we built together. I feel so blessed to live here and call this little spot on planet earth my home.... Continue Reading →

A Background Nobody

I haven't had much to say. I've thought of plenty of things I'd like to say about this year. It has been a hard year. And a good year. Some trials are still ongoing, some resolved and others are just... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday

Dreams and Days Between

Sometimes my dreams are vivid and so very real. Sometimes, when I first awaken, I cannot differentiate between dream and reality. It is a peculiar confusion that has happened to me since childhood. Maybe it is common to everyone. Last... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday 1.29.20

Wordless Wednesday: 1-23-20

Dream builder at sunset  


This October was mostly warm and dry. I wish we could have started on the house but it just didn't work out that way. By the time all of the paperwork, payments and permits were in place, it rained and... Continue Reading →

Nothing and Everything

I knew this day would come...eventually. I wasn't expecting it to occur this week. Then again, I'm not so sure why not. I'm being a tad bit dramatic but son number two is now taller than me. My husband officially... Continue Reading →

When The Days Are Full

Life's pace is unrelenting. It does not wait or pause. Summer is bleeding into autumn. The days have slipped through my fingers. There are a few decisive moments that root time but the rest escapes me like smoke in the... Continue Reading →

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