Littlest turned three on Monday. In true three-year old fashion he had a one hour temper tantrum on his birthday. His antics were so amusing I took a picture to remember the moment by…Three is such a tough age. I’m not sure if it is worse on the three year-old or the rest of the family. But, it is also a really cute age full of discovery and wonder. I am saddened because babyhood is passing away before me…evolving to boyhood. I want to weep and store this year in my heart and pray the time passes a little slower because at the end of this coming year will be a little boy. This is a year to cherish…soon he will not sit in my lap to eat his meals. All too soon he will be a little boy and my name will be “Mom” and not “Mommy”.

Halloween is closely followed by Littlest’s birthday. I’m not a huge fan of the holiday. My atheist parents loved Halloween and it was the one holiday we celebrated when I was a kid. Today, well…it bothers me. I do not purchase costumes for my kids very often and I have been careful to buy one’s that can easily be reused over several years. We keep it low-key and mostly go to various church sponsored events and a quick walk around the neighborhood.

Today, was beautiful. We spent the day together and went to The Land Between The Lakes. The fall colors were breathtaking and I enjoyed the drive with my family. We went to The Homeplace just across the border in Tennessee. The Homeplace is a working 1880’s farm. The place is amazing and is like a living museum. When we get to the Westward Expansion I plan to visit the place often. Today happened to be their Fall Harvest celebration and the staff that works on the farm were preparing for their annual Thanksgiving meal together. Even though the meal was only for the staff (dressed in period costume and using a wood stove) they answered questions and told us about life in the 1880’s. My kids were invited to help cut wood for the kitchen stove. I’ll share pictures next week and more about The Homeplace.

Homeschool went well this week. I am planning changes in our schedule for next week. I’ll share what worked and what didn’t next week.