my crew
my crew

Last Friday we went out to Kentucky Dam for a walk. We hadn’t been out to the dam since sometime last fall so it was nice to have a different but familiar place to walk. Littlest walked the entire three miles at a pretty quick clip with the rest of us! We watched a crane, ducks and a few boats. Our most exciting moment was witnessing a hawk dive and catch a large fish and fly off with its catch. The moment happened so quickly that I didn’t get a picture. I find it amazing that we were all looking at the water and witnessed the hawk’s fishing expedition. We always see something amazing when we go to the dam for a family walk.

On Sunday we went to the Beatersville Car and Bike Show in Louisville. We always enjoy walking around and gazing at the assortment of classic cars. Next year is the tenth anniversary of Beatersville so it should be a good show. Oldest wanted his picture with nearly every car! This was also the first year he noticed how some of the ladies were dressed (or lack there of) and commented about it to me. We both agreed that some people really should choose some material other than spandex. I was personally quite impressed with the biker fella sporting a plaited beard right out of Middle Earth!!! His beard totally made the entire journey worth while for me. Guys with beards…I like’em…moving on now.

I was glad we had somewhere to go on Sunday. Our church’s youth and children’s ministers said goodbye to the congregation that morning. I knew that if we were there the kids and I would have cried all morning. So I am glad we were distracted with the trip but I still cried my eyes out that morning before breakfast. By breakfast’s end my crew had me in stitches. Littlest decided he was not going to be left out on speaking in Latin! I’m amazed by how much learning he picks up during school time! He told us “Angry birds are great” in Latin!!! But he

walk at the dam
walk at the dam

didn’t like the word for “great” in Latin and wanted to know how to say “cool” in Latin. We didn’t know…so he got mad at us and went off to pout. At the moment, my crew enjoys insulting each other in Latin. Of course they are creative with their insults since they do not know any “bad words” in Latin. The funny part is that sometimes Littlest will sometimes substitute Latin words for English words in his every day speech.

Tomorrow is out last day of the 2014-15 academic year. Tomorrow is Oldest’s last day as an elementary student. I have a Middle Schooler now! Wow!!! We have a big day planned for tomorrow. My husband decided we would all go out to breakfast together. We will also prepare our ancient history feast tomorrow for lunch(we will enjoy…hopefully…dishes from ancient Egypt, Israel and Rome). Oldest is writing his final paper for his writing (and history) curriculum. I let him combine his writing papers with his history curriculum this year (Beautiful Feet Books Intermediate Ancient History and Writing With Skill volume one from Susan Wise Bauer). He is in the process of writing his final paper on the life of Julius Caesar. I’m really proud of how hard he is working on this paper. He managed to finish this writing curriculum in one school year when Peace Hill Press recommends most students take two years to finish the course. I’m totally stoked!

Since we school year round the kids do not get a break from school this summer. So next Monday we will finish up some subjects while enjoying summer time activities and camps. We have Lego Camp and American Girl Camp coming up this summer and a trip to Lexington. Before I know it the summer will be over and our first official day of the next

on the way to Beatersville
on the way to Beatersville

academic year will be here…July 13th. As of tomorrow we are finished with three years of homeschooling!!!! I feel like we just started but we will begin our fourth year very soon. When we begin our next school year we will have a middle schooler, two upper elementary children, and one Kindergartener!!! I just want to bottle up time and stop it for just a little while.

This week my husband and I dreamed about hitting the road with a fifth wheel. Just us and the kids and the open road. The nomad in my soul just went crazy dreaming of living such an amazing lifestyle. Of course I am romanticizing it all right now!!! In my entire life I have never lived in one house as long as I have now…seven years. My previous record for living in one spot was six years and that was with my husband before we moved to our current home. Before my marriage I never lived anywhere more than two consecutive years…ever. I had to tell my husband that in all honesty if he was looking to me to talk him out of such a crazy idea…then he could not turn to me. I would only encourage him to break out from the norm and do something crazy. Personally, I would love for my kids to say, “Do you remember when our parents sold everything and we lived on the road for a whole year?!”  My poor kids have a crazy mother…thank God their father is sane and stable.( Look up Fulltime Families if you are curious.)

My post last week was very personal and I poured my heart out. I was saddened to learn that so many of you could relate to my pain. I just want you to know that how deeply appreciated are your words of encouragement. I am truly humbled and grateful to all of you who left comments here or on other social media, emailed, texted and even called to check on me. Your words left a beautiful balm over my hurt. Thank you.

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