my workplace at 4:39 in the morning

Day two of thirty.

Most days of the week begin at four in the morning. Sometimes I bound out of bed (in a slow painfully stiff-jointed manner) and other times I fall back asleep for ten to fifteen minutes. When the latter happens I panic and rush through my morning routine. Days when I wake up stressed usually end up being difficult in one way or another…usually my attitude. I see the people in my life as interruptions to my work. The truth is the opposite.

I have been practicing a simple mantra or prayer in the mornings…I try to anyway. For the longest time I failed to remember until I was already at work. But the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to remember before getting out of bed. “Lord, I am awake. Lord, I am grateful. Lord, help me give my penny.” I learned this prayer in the monastery but I have only recently begun to understand its value. When I begin my day acknowledging gratitude for another twenty-four hours and recognizing my smallness then I am calmer and mindful of my place in life. I have more compassion for the people I encounter each day (mostly my family).


When I am rushed and panicked and just trying to get my work done (housekeeping, home education, job) I fail to be kind. For me, it is an ideal way to remember to give my emotional baggage and endless to-do list to Jesus and accept His yoke.

Today, I enjoyed lunch out with my husband. He split and buttered a roll for me. In that little moment I felt so valued and loved. I do not want to forget the feeling.

My life is ordinary.

My life is inconsequential to the greater world.

My life is sacred…and beautiful.