Aunt Cindy and crew ready to watch Wonder Woman

Last weekend the kids enjoyed their much anticipated over-night fun with Aunt Cindy. She spends the night with them while Shannon and I attend the Jim Beam Christmas Party. Like the years before the party was at Belterra Casino in Indiana. The first year we attended the party I did indulge a bit and play a slot machine or two. That was enough gambling fun to last me my entire life. Wandering through the casino and observing the regular clientele is an observation in sorrow. They all look sad, desperate, somewhat vacant and lost. Anytime spent amongst repetitive gamblers leaves me feeling somewhat sad and icky. The kids have the best time with their honorary aunt and I usually end the weekend with some sort of vague spiritual lesson.

I want to be a kid and spend the weekend with Aunt Cindy….sometimes. A weekend alone with my husband is awesome too…okay…better than awesome!

A day spent reading books and snacking on goodies from Asia

Anyway, Miss Cindy spoiled us and the kids with her gifts but I did my best to spoil her too. I found microwaveable booties to keep her feet warm and a light up UK hat. I also picked up a few fun things at a spa for her. She spoiled me too with bubble bath goodies and the softest pair of pajamas on the planet.

Tomorrow I will turn forty-five. Five years short of half a century. Maybe I’ll have something profound to say about that in five years or so. Right now it is just another day. Personally I am just glad I have the day off of work tomorrow.

Oldest is supposed to begin high school in January. I am trying to figure out how to do high-school and work at the same time. I’m not sure I can give all that my son needs and work at the same time. There just not are enough hours in the day. Currently I have found two options; an online homeschool program through Hewitt Homeschool and a co-op in a near by city. Both require money and the local one requires time as well. Oldest was in third grade when I started homeschooling and I am struggling to accept that he is ready for high-school now.

Where did the days go?