A quest is a search. I suppose there are many types of quests: knowledge, search of one’s true nature, for God, connection to this time and place. I wrote several months ago a list of life aspirations. Accomplishments that I would like to look back on some day. I pulled the list and created a menu category so it would be a beacon of sorts to remind me that there is more to this existence than the last list of must do’s.

This is the original list I wrote. I hope to add more quests and eventually post pictures as some are accomplished.

I want to:

  1. see the ocean. September 2021
  2. grow a proper herb garden.
  3. learn to be a proper photographer.
  4. write something that is published.
  5. see a Redwood tree. September 2021
  6. see an iceberg.
  7. stay in a tee-pee hotel.
  8. ride a train  September 2021
  9. sleep on satin sheets.
  10. drink from a coconut
  11. Walk on a beach September 2021
  12. snorkel
  13. learn to use chopsticks
  14. make pasta from scratch
  15. build a sand castle
  16. survive a silent retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani
  17. visit Washington D.C.
  18. see a desert at night September 2021
  19. throw a dart at a map and go
  20. drive route 66…or at least part of it  September 2018, September 2021
  21. see the aurora borealis
  22. see New England in the fall
  23. see Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Monument September 2018
  24. see Badlands National Park September 2018
  25. see a Vincent Van Gogh artwork
  26. see Galilee
  27. see the Statue of Liberty
  28. play golf
  29. make a piece of pottery
  30. walk a part of the Appalachian Trail
  31. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  32. still be awake when the new year arrives 2020
  33. learn to paint and be happy enough to hang the work on my wall
  34. graduate my kids James May 2022, 
  35. go on an epic road trip September 2018, September 2021
  36. eat at a Triple D restaurant
  37. see Bear Lodge (Devil’s Tower) September 2018
  38. own my blog  2018
  39. knit something with yarn that I made from my rabbits.