My crew composed list poems a couple of weeks ago. Oldest combined his poem with a history assignment. Middle boy worked a recent science experiment into his work and Sparkles got philosophical with color. We all thought there was more to her poem but she kept her thoughts to herself…

Light by Middle Boy


it reflects

off mirror walls.


is found

in unlit halls.


it activates

your TV set,


but you can see it

with your phone

I bet.

Christopher Columbus’ Secret Signature by Oldest

The Signature




         Xpo Ferens

Used after first voyage

         to be used till his voyage’s end,

          a great mystery.

An unknown meaning

          for God’s grace

          or personal gain?

Ordering his family to use its power

          still the secret

         continues to cower.

Colors by Sparkles

Red is all shapes and sizes,

from roses to the sun of the Morning.

On the sea to reddish-pink and dark crimson

which is a lot to me.

Yellow is bright and happy.

Blue is deep but not snappy.

Purple in the sky that fades to black and to blue again.

The ocean is no color,

the life inside and reflected light give color

always on the brink

so you only have to blink

and it changes

from dark to light.