Today I trained for my new position at work. My only reason for accepting the new tasks was the hope that I would get at least twenty hours in a work week. I am beginning to despair on that but we’ll see what the future brings. Though I am performing tasks generally done by supervisors I have no authority. I am an ordinary cog in the wheel. Convincing some of my co-workers of that may take some time. I doubt my life span is sufficient.

Tomorrow we will meet a new homeschool group. The older two will take a chemistry course and I am not yet sure what the younger two and I will do with our time in downtown Frankfort. We will be across the street from the library; good news. We’ll be with this group from 11:45 until 2:00; maybe not such good news. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

I spent some of last week working out a new routine for our schooling hours. This week will be a test to see how the routine works for us. We’ve always managed to just “do the next thing” and it has served us well in the past. Unfortunately, we need more disciple and routine as the academics increase in difficulty.

I spent a bit of time yesterday fretting over how to fit high-school and elementary courses into the same hours. History and science seem to be the two subjects I am having trouble coordinating. I cannot teach two history levels, two science levels and work. I have a year to figure it all out…Today I did not fret about it at all. I watched Doctor Who and Enterprise with my family and knitted.