fall colors on the way to Louisville

Day sixteen.

How is September half over already?

I only worked four hours today but the time dragged. Today was my last day of training for my new position at work. Tomorrow I will get thrown into the crucible; the after church crowd. Fun.

Sparkles received permission from her doctors to start trying new food. She will not need to see her dietitian again unless she has more problems. She is still a little afraid to try anything at the moment and I have no intention of pushing her. I think that is a choice she will have to make for herself.

On the way to Louisville I noticed the trees are starting to turn. The weather has been unusually cool lately (due to Harvey and Irma) but will warm back up now. I am looking forward to the

cool old car

cooler temperatures. Hot flashes are miserable. I had a hot flash at work today and took refuge in the walk in freezer for a few minutes. While I was cooling off in the freezer I thought about the life cycle of stars. What else is there to think about in a freezer…right? Next time I contemplate stars in a freezer I need to remember to remove my glasses. I couldn’t see when I walked out. The lenses completely fogged over.  🙂

Standing in the freezer didn’t really work. My skin got cold but my insides still felt like they were about to go supernova…

I did see a cool old car today while running some errands.