I’m on a quest…or obsessed. For the most part, I gave up cokes…or soda as some people say. Every once in a while I have one and then remember why I gave them up. I just don’t feel right after drinking too much of the stuff and it is just too sweet for me these days. Getting old sucks just a little bit…physically anyway. But, just having water all the time is no fun. Cheeseburger and water just do not jive together for me. Iced tea is ok but I miss the bubblies in my cokes (or Dr. Pepper to be exact). Sometimes I have just sparkling water and that is ok…I like LeCrux. But they do not have much flavor. Ever since the kids and I made the blackberry fizz, I’ve been mixing concoctions. Usually 1/4 cup of juice in a glass full of cruched ice then topped off with sparkling water. Pomegranate Fizz is pretty tasty. Tonight I wanted something a little sweet and I came up with Lime and Coconut Cream Fizz. Yes, I just happened to have a can of coconut cream in the pantry and some limes in the fridge…and I have no idea why or when I bought cream of coconut…not a clue. Anyway, the boys loved the new drink and I had to promise to make some more tomorrow after church.  Sparkles didn’t get to try it yet since she is at a Roller Derby match with her Daddy. He also sent me a text informing me that she wants to be on a roller derby team. I must admit that I never dreamer of having a sweet little girl who wanted to play roller derby…maybe soccer, certainly ballet, but not roller derby. As I contemplate my future as a Roller Derby Mom here is my latest fizz recipe…

Lime and Coconut Cream Fizz

Squeeze the juice from three limes into a big glass

Add 1/4 cup cream of coconut and then fill with crushed ice

Top it all off with sparkling water and give it a stir